Why Do We Write?

When I tell people that I want to pursue a publishing career, they would make a comment on how the industry is dying. I always explain to them that the industry is not dying but it definitely is changing. People have and will always crave literature in one form or another.

People want to be told information and they want to hear stories. When eBooks first came out, people were certain that the print industry would be through and that everyone would start reading books on special devices, smart phones and tablets. And yet here we are in 2017 and book stores are still filled with newly printed books. In fact, I have been to some stores where I am overwhelmed with the amount of options and how full the store is.

People write to express themselves and to cope with difficult situations. They write to document things that have happened or to fictionalize worlds to escape ours. Their words live on forever, long after their death.
People read for the same reasons. I don’t think that reading or writing will ever seize to exist. I, personally, prefer to have a physical copy of a book to read. I find that eBooks tend to hurt my eyes after awhile. I find that there is something special about holding a physical book
I know so many people who find so much peace in writing, so much reward from finishing a perfect piece. I don’t think going into the publishing industry was in any way a bad decision. I understand that publishing will change continuously throughout the years and that a variety of different things can be considered publishing.
Literature has been around for centuries and I don’t think that technology will stop literature from being created. I don’t think that technology will stop this from happening. I think that technology may reshape the way that we publish things. I think that it will make published items more accessible worldwide. But it definitely will not end. And that’s why we write. Because to write and be published is to be immortal.