The Writer's Recipe Book


Every person who writes struggles to get ideas out every once and awhile. It’s completely normal to hit a road block. But every road block needs a designated detour. With access to The Writer’s Recipe Book, you will be able to avoid that road block every time!


  • Notebook/laptop

  • 1 brilliant idea

  • 1 bottle of wine


  1. Take out notebook or laptop with a word processor and fill one page.

  2. Stare at the blank page for 20 minutes before closing notebook/laptop.

  3. Storm away.

  4. Return after letting yourself chill for about 45 minutes.

  5. Write about 250 words.

  6. Reread.

  7. Get angry.

  8. Start again.

  9. Stare at blank page/screen.

  10. Get even angrier that you can’t come up with anything.

  11. Yell at your notebook/computer screen.

  12. Have 1 glass of wine.

  13. Return.

  14. Get angry again.

  15. Have second glass of wine.

  16. Words begin flowing. You don’t get as angry as you reread.

  17. Have a third glass of wine.

  18. There is a storm of writing emerging from your fingers. You are a goddess, an amazing writer, that will revolutionize contemporary literature.

  19. Fall asleep while marinating in your own self-worth.

  20. Wake up. Reread work from yesterday.

  21. Repeat at step 1.