NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update


Half of this Draft is Going to be Trash

After a slow start, I can finally feel the story starting to kick into the gear. The first couple thousand words were definitely dragging on. I can feel my motivation continuously fluctuate as I progress through the story. I maintained my motivation during 4 of the 7 days but I think that's a good start for my first year doing NaNo.

Based on the success I had during my writing sprints this week, am feeling confident that I will be able to meet 50,000 words by the end of November. Despite a couple days where I didn't do any writing, I still feel like I am on the right track. I just might have to push myself to write more next week but I feel like I can do it. The NaNoWriMo support groups on Facebook have been a huge help to me. I definitely need to push myself to write for at least a half hour to an hour a day. An hour would be ideal as I seem to be able to write about 2,000 words during that time.

Last week my goals were to reach 16,000 words, to write every day, and to ignore my inner critic. I was not able to reach my word count goal. It was a bit hard to do because I was unsuccessful in my second goal of writing every day. I let myself get busy and unmotivated when I should have at least written a couple hundred words.

am most proud to say that I was able to ignore my inner critic this week. I accepted that the point of NaNo is to get the words, thoughts, and ideas onto the paper. It's not about quality but about quantity. This mindset has gotten me to enjoy writing again. I hope that I can continue it outside of NaNo.

Week 2 Word Count

Starting Word Count: 1,670
Ending Word Count: 2,051

Quick Day Overview

Day 4: Today I wrote 2,358 words. I wrote about about 800 words throughout the day in small spurts. Then, I did a self directed 30 minute sprint where I wrote the remaining words for the day. I am very proud of this total word count. This was the first day that I stopped trying to organize my thoughts as I wrote. I just wrote what came into my head. I didn't think about whether what I was writing was good or not. I now know that half of this draft is going to be trash. I know I am doing more telling than showing. I will have to go back and rewrite most of the scenes to organize them and make the experience better for the reader. I am proud of today's word count. 

Day 5: Today I wrote a total of 2,012 words. It was my mom's birthday so with spending time with her, going to the gym, and doing some meetings for the magazine I'm working on creating, I didn't have a lot of time to write. But I told myself that I would sit down at the computer and write for an hour. My goal was to write 2,000 words and I'm glad that I Was able to accomplish that. I feel great about being able to get back on track with my word count and know that if I keep making myself sit down for self dedicated sprints that I will get the first draft of this novel finished this month.

Day 6: Zero words written today. I had a meeting go about three hours longer than expected. It was a design meeting so we were staring at a screen for four-five hours. By the time I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was stare at a screen for any longer. 

Day 7: Zero words written today. I had a few things to do during the day and after those things were done, I lost motivation and just wanted to nap (so I did). And then my dad came over for a bit in the evening. By the time he left, I was tired and just wanted to lie down for a bit on the couch before going to sleep.

Day 8: Today I wrote 3,147 words. I did a self directed sprint from 4:15-5:15. I wrote a total of 1,991 words. Then after I went to the gym with my boyfriend, I wrote another 1,156 words while he cooked dinner for us. I am slowly catching up.

Day 9: Today I wrote 2,321 words. I wrote 910 words while dinner was being cooked. Then after dinner I wrote 1,441 words. The words today were coming easily. I definitely need to devote more time during the day to writing and I'll be able to catch up in no time at all.

Day 10: I wanted to be able to write a lot today but the motivation is lacking. I was hoping to be able to catch up to my goal of 16,000 but I really don't have 4,500 words in me today. I ended up being able to write 543 words before I lost focus. I am currently stuck between scenes. I'm going to spend some time away from the computer tomorrow to see if that helps when I return on Sunday.

Next Week's Goals

  • Hit 25,000 word count

  • Write every day, even if it's just a half an hour to an hour