NaNoWriMo Week 3 Update


 Sprinting to the Halfway Mark

One thing I have learned there is power in writing a little bit every day because a couple days of not writing set me back. In the end, I had to write about 4,000 words a day over the span of three days to catch up. If I had just written a little bit on the days I lacked motivation, I would have been in a lot better shape by the end of the week. I probably would not have needed to do 3-4 writing sprints a day just to get my word count up.

So, despite failing the challenge to write every day, I am going to challenge myself to do this again. Especially since I want to reach 40,000 words by Friday. To achieve this goal, I will need to write about 2,000 words per day. I think I can do this. I hope I can do it. Even if I write between 500-1,000 it will benefit me more than not writing at all.

My other goal was to reach a word count of 25,000 words (the halfway mark). This goal means that I had to write about 13,000 words this week. With the three days that I took off, I was beginning to fear that I might not make the goal. So I started to plan some writing sprints into my days to force myself to get the word count in. In the end, I was able to reach my goal and happened to finish at exactly 25,000 when my last sentence was finished.

Although I am still a bit behind the average word count that I should be at right now, I am proud of myself for writing as much as I have. This is the most I have ever written towards a novel so I know I am going to feel like a winner if I win NaNo or not. No matter what I know that I am going to be doing NaNo from now on.

Week 3 Word Count

Starting Word Count: 12,051
Ending Word Count: 5,000

Quick Day Overview

Day 11-13: Zero words written on these days. I had an out of friend town come visit for a couple days and then lost motivation to get back writing on Monday.

Day 14: Today I wrote 630 words. I am trying to regain motivation and momentum. I figure that it's better to write a little bit than to not write at all. I was able to find the momentum to get some words onto the paper. I mostly worked on transitioning the character from being a lone wolf to having a companion.

Day 15: The writing that I did yesterday brought me to an interesting place to start writing today. I feel newly motivated to do my writing today as I can finally envision the current scene in my mind. This motivation has made me decide to challenge myself to do four writing sprints throughout the day:

  1. Started writing at 2pm and wrote for half an hour. In that time I was able to write 759 words. The writing I did yesterday put me in a good place to start today. I ended this sprint in the middle of a scene so I think the next one

  2. I did another half hour writing prompt around 5pm. This time I was able to write 1,015 words. I am still working on the same scene from earlier today so I was able to end in the middle of a scene again so I already have an idea of what is going to happen right now. I'm realizing how beneficial it is to stop writing in the middle of a thought rather than at the end of one.

  3. The third sprint that I did was a quick sprint. I wasn't focused on the time but on the word count. I wanted to get myself to 2,500 words for the day before I stopped writing for dinner. I wrote about 778 words in about 15-20 minutes putting me 50 words over my goal for this sprint.

  4. This time I started writing around 9 and wrote for an hour. I was able to write a total of 1,500 words within that time frame.

The writing sprints that I scheduled for myself today allowed me to be able to write a total of 4,052 words for the day.

Day 16: Today I was able to write 4,272 words, putting my total word count at 21,000. To do this, I am challenged myself to write this amount of words in three word sprints:

  1. The first sprint I did late this afternoon because I had a hard time getting motivated today despite the desperately needed word count. I wrote 1,423 words in about 40 minutes. This sprint was setting up the character to start pursuing her next goal. She has been living happily in her latest achieved goal but it's time for her life to get disrupted again. I ended this sprint just as she was about to start her pursuit.

  2. Second sprint was for about 40 minutes. In that time I was able to write 1,478 words. This sprint was easy to do because I set up my main character (MC) to go on an adventure during this sprint. The adventure began and was easy to write. Although I wrote almost 1.5K words, I barely broke into the adventure much. I left in the middle of the scene so that it's an easy start during my final sprint of the day.

  3. This evening, after the gym, I planned a writing sprint with my NaNo writing buddy Alex. We started at 10pm. Usually my goal for sprints is a time but today I was going for word count. It took me 40 minutes to write 1,371 words.

Day 17: Today is the last day I have to reach my self-directed goal for this week of writing 25,000 words. In order to reach my goal, I had to write 3,995 words which I matched exactly.

  1. I started writing at 2pm and was able to stay in a rhythm for 45 minutes. In this time I wrote 1,132 words. I added some ideas into sections from last night and then continued from where I left off. Today might be a little bit harder because I haven't thought through the scene my MC just entered into.

  2. I was hoping to get more writing done during this sprint but my ideas and writing momentum have slowed down a bit. It took me over an hour to write 1,014 words. When I was stumped, I went back over the section I had just written and added more elements and expanded on ideas I had briefly written down.

  3. While I was waiting for dinner, I was casually writing some thoughts down to add more details into the scene that I was struggling with before. I didn't write for very long but was able to write 519 words.

  4. After dinner, I did a final writing sprint to make it to my weekly goal. I had a goal of writing 1,330 words and was able to write that amount exactly. This last scene was in a candle shop. Although my main character isn't in there long, she spends most of the time panicking about interacting

Summary: And I made it! After losing several days of lost motivation and writing like crazy the past few days, I can finally say that I reached the halfway point!.

Next Week's Goals

  • Reach a word count of 40,000

  • Write every day

  • Bring total word per day average up to 1,667