Things I'm Thankful For


Since American Thanksgiving is this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the things I am grateful for.  I know I’m extremely blessed and have so many things to be thankful for. I'm incredibly blessed so I could go on talking about the things I am thankful for all day. So I narrowed the list down. Here are the top five things I am thankful for.

My Family

My family is the only constant in my ever-changing life. I am so thankful to have such an amazing support system. I honestly don't know where I would be today without my family. They are there with me through the good and the bad. I know that I can always depend on them to have my back. I didn't choose them, although if I could I would probably choose them anyway.

My Friends

And I'm thankful for my friends. My closest friends are like family to me. They support me and cheer me on. They're the people I first turn to when something goes wrong in my life. They're the family that I chose for myself, not the one I was given.

Each one of my friends brings something different to my life. They have changed me and shaped me in so many ways. I am thankful for my old friends and my new friends. The friends I talk to all the time or the ones who I can go months without speaking but the love is always there. I'm thankful for the friends who put me in my place. The ones who challenge me, force me to grow. To always look forward.

My Writing Buddies

I am grateful for my writing buddies in a different way than the rest of my friends. These are the friends I message at all random hours of the day if I need writing motivation, support, or input. Special shoutout to my friend Alex Chappell for always reading my work and giving me your honest opinion. She never lets my draft come back to me with a reply like, "Yeah it was great." She gives me honest feedback with thoughtful suggestions on how to strengthen the weaker parts of my plot. She catches my plot holes and always has an enthusiastic recommendation on how the work can be improved. Her and my other writing buddies give me so much motivation.

My Boyfriend

Although my boyfriend falls under both family and friends, I think that he deserves a special shout out. He pushes me further than anyone has ever before. He wants me to grow and to grow with him. So he pushes me to do things when I'm lacking motivation. He won't do things with me if he knows I have homework or that I need to work on my personal work. He reminds me constantly how proud he is of all my hard-work. He calls me out on my mistakes without malice, pushing me to improve my thoughts and get a change of perspective.

Sufficient Finances

I am extremely thankful to be part of the middle class. I am thankful that my boyfriend and I have the finances to have a one-bedroom apartment in a nice neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto. We always have food in the cupboards with more than enough to eat. We can afford to own two cats and each have a gym membership. We have the ability to go out for dinners and to special events. We can afford maintenance on a car. We have the wiggle room to save up for trips. Things that a lot of people take for granted, I am thankful for all the access and opportunities that we have.