NaNoWriMo Week 4 Update


Challenges, Successes, and Lessons Learned

I was hoping to find motivation to get the story into gear and to reach 40,000 words this week. I think I ended up writing a lot of boring backstory in this draft that's not completely relevant to the story. This is probably why I had lost motivation. I feel like expanding the original short story into the was a lot more difficult task than I was prepared for. But it was a good lesson nonetheless. I think I just need to focus on getting the story out. I need to stop writing down lots of details that bore me (and that I know I will delete later) just to get the word count out.

My first goal for last week was to reach 40,000 words. I was about 5,000 words short of this goal. However, I'm not feeling as discouraged as I was before about this challenge because I have learned a lot of beneficial things this month that I will remember forever.

I am proud to say that I was able to reach my goal of writing every day. Some days I was only able to get a hundred words on the page but I'm proud of myself for writing regardless. I think the entire point of NaNoWriMo is to write every day. To take each struggle and each success as a lesson into how to become a better writer and how to motivate yourself. 

Although I wasn't able to bring my average word per day up to the NaNo par of 1,667 words I am not feeling discouraged yet. According to NaNo my average words per day is 1,416. I am only a couple hundred words behind on this. I am going to continue to push myself to move forward with my writing and to not let writer's block discourage me from writing. 

Week 4 Word Count

Starting Word Count: 25,000
Ending Word Count: 5,421

Quick Day Overview

Day 18: Today was a very relaxed day for me after spending the past few days sprinting. Writing 12,000 within 3 days was a lot so it was nice to not do anything that crazy. I took a break from sprinting today and just wrote a normal pace until the ideas stopped flowing. Today I was able to write 1,740 words.

Day 19: Today I had a busy day so I wasn't able to focus on writing as much as I had wanted to but it was a productive day nonetheless. My friend Klaudia came over and my boyfriend convinced her it was a good idea to rearrange our living room and she convinced me so then we spent hours changing the set up to give us more floor space (stopping only to eat some pizza and watch Dave Chappelle). After I got home from dropping her off, I sat down to write, determined to get some words down. I am happy to say I was able to write 1,698 words.

Day 20: I was struggling to get in the writing zone today. I felt blocked and uncreative. I still wrote today but I only wrote 551 words. I am proud of myself for writing, despite feeling like I had nothing important to say today.

Day 21: Today I had to force myself to get some words on the paper. My school is starting up again tomorrow so I will have less time to write. I can't afford to get behind. Tonight I was able to write 1311 words. I'm proud of myself for achieving a word count over a thousand despite feeling blocked and unmotivated.

Day 22-23: My school finally got off strike and my classes started again on Wednesday. It was hard to get words in while being unmotivated and tired from 8-9 hour days of school. Between these two days I was able to get 248 words down. It's not a lot but it's something.

ay 24: Today I fought more blockage but in order to get some words onto the page I had to be a rebel. I was able to write about 800 words for my novel. But while browsing Submittable yesterday, I found a literary journal that is looking for stories similar to a micro-fiction piece I wrote in June 2016. So I decided to re-write and edit that story. I improved weaker elements and revised the introduction, adding an additional element that I had excluded during the first draft. In all, I was able to write 1,517 words yesterday.

Next Week's Goals

  • Reach 50,000 words

  • Write every day