Finding The Time And Motivation To Write


When people discover that I post on my blog twice a week, they often ask how I find the time and motivation to write. The answer to both questions is simple: I force myself to find the time and the motivation to write enough so that I have content to post. I know that this is much easier said than done. I have tried and failed at regular blogging before. I’m not exactly sure what changed from now to then but there has definitely been a shift since I started the publishing program this fall. Not only have I been writing more but I’ve also been reading a lot again.
An assignment for one of my classes this year was to make a website to showcase who I am and what I can do. This excited me. I tried out one of the suggested sites that my teacher suggested. Immediately, I loved the layout options and wanted to have access to even more of them. So, I decided that it was worth it to upgrade my account from a free one to the next level up. This package included a personal URL. And maybe that also gave me motivation.

Here are a few tips for finding time and motivation to write:
1) Spend less time on social media
Instead of spending time on social media, open up a writing program on your computer and write. The amount of time you spend scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, you could spend writing. An average blog post is about 500 words. That isn’t a lot if you space it out throughout a few days. If you replaced time that you spent on social media with time that you spent writing, you would be surprised with how much you can write.
2) Make a list of topics
The hardest thing about regular blogging is that you have to have something to say to people twice a week. Struggling to come up with topics is the reason why I have struggled with blogging in the past.
The best thing to do is make a list of topics of things that interest you as they come into your mind. You can also get inspiration from other bloggers, especially bloggers who suggest different topics for you to write. Getting subjects from other people is a good way start blogging. Topics are good prompts for you to use to create a post.
And always write down your own ideas as they come to you, especially if you don’t have time to write them down. Many times I will have a great idea but if I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it later when it comes to write my post. Nothing kills motivation faster than lack of ideas.
3) Make a promise
Make a promise to yourself and your readership about when you will be posting and how often. Promises keep you accountable.
I’m the kind of person who always wants to keep my promises. On my website, I made a written promise to anyone who goes on it that I will be posting twice a week; once on Tuesday-Wednesday and once on Friday-Saturday. Typically I stick to Tuesday and Friday but during NaNo I have been doing my updates on Saturday. This was so that my first memo about my novel featured three days instead of just two. I decided to keep with that the entire month of November but I will be switching back this week on December 1.

know that it’s hard to do all of these things. Trust me, I know just as well as anyone. But if you want to do something then the best thing to do is just to go for it. Don’t let your self-doubt hold you back.
You can do it. All you have to do is believe in yourself.