My Five Year Plan


A Glance Into the Future

Since I was a senior in high school (probably even before then) I was always told to think about my future. And I never really thought much about it when I was younger, figuring that it would all just fall into place. I decided to study English in University on a whim because I’ve always liked books. Which is the same train of thought that brought me to publishing.

When I stumbled across publishing, it just made sense. I've always enjoyed reading books or going through magazines. In publishing, I was able to find a place where I felt like I belonged. Knowing that I will be working in books or magazines excites me. Now that I’ve started to figure out what I’m doing for a career (for the most part anyway) I have been really thinking about my five year plan.

In five years time, I will be turning 26 years old. In that time I would like to accomplish the following things:

I want to be on a career path that I enjoy (and that has benefits!). I imagine that I will end up working in magazines. The kind? I have absolutely no idea yet. But that’s okay! As much as I envision myself in magazines, I know that I would be very happy working in the book world. I'm open for anything. I know that I will enjoy many of the career paths placed in front of me because of the publishing program.

I would love for me and my boyfriend to have moved from our small one bedroom apartment. I want for us to be able to afford a two bedroom and two bathroom place. I want for us to be able to live somewhere with a private parking spot, street parking in Toronto can really be a nuisance! I would feel lucky to be able to live in a multi-level place (that's more of a dream than a goal).

Before I turn 26, I hope that I can visit at least two new countries. I also would like to explore Canada some more. I definitely would like to experience Western Canada.

I would also like to establish and maintain a workout routine for the next five years. I recently started going to the gym with my boyfriend and I love it. I feel so good about myself, even just for going. I understand that I will probably weigh more than I do now but as long as I have muscles it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want to gain weight in fat. I want to tone myself.

To compliment the workout routine I would like to implement and maintain, I also want to eat out less. My boyfriend and I hate the cleanup involved with cooking. But I honestly feel the best and am able to eat the most when its a home cooked meal. We may eat chicken and potatoes a lot but it still makes me feel good about myself. The more I cook, the more accomplished that I feel.