Missed Translations: Experimental Writing


For this poem, I found material on the internet then translated them in and out of English, until I arrived at this new version. I was hoping to get it published in a journal. But instead I decided to share it here. Since I'm working on other projects to get published in the 2018, I am not upset about this one not getting the type of publication it was written for. But I think it's an interesting piece and wanted to share it with you guys. The first four paragraphs are "one paragraph stories" that I found on Reddit. I combined them together then I put the paragraphs through Google Translator. The narrator loses the person that they love and as the story progresses, the narrator becomes less coherent as they become more hysteric.

Lost in Translation

The low morning sun discovered an unguessed universe of dust mites amidst the wood, smoke, and pine trees. Your hair was a glowing light. The moment felt timeless and I could believe we were the first humans entering some new continent—wary and hopeful and emboldened by the untrammeled fecundity on every side. There was a richness of game and we were more able than every other predator. We could strike fire from stone and we were in love. We could people this new land and thrive beyond anything our ancestors could dream of. But of course, in the fullness of time, it all went horribly wrong.
She hates small talk. She likes to sleep and avoid the reality in contemporary displacement. She’s tired of me worrying about her and apathetically tells me she does not care. An internal struggle battling her demons with evident exhaustion through her eyes. On good days she is yellow like her rain jacket. She likes in-depth conversations and postulates existence. We walk under grey clouds and attempt to understand each other’s problems. Her words wrap around me like a warm blanket as we braced through the harsh wind. She becomes attractive and smiles, pretending like that nightmare from yesterday never happened. Out of the blue, she tells me she loves me. Then it is the next day, but she pretends like yesterday never happened. She pretends like we never happened
I hate conflict. I missed how she held my hand, so lovingly and delicate. I am tired of her empty promises, her third person narrative, and the way she deflects the truth. Her back already turned on me. She is already sealing the mortar in the brick wall. On bad days I am grey like those clouds. I hate going to her when there is uncomfortable tension and heated arguments at home. But she is different today. I could tell by the way she smiled at me, exactly like she did before. We sat on carpeted floors as I whispered my secrets. My finger aimlessly tracing shapes by her feet, I’m pretending like yesterday never happened. I looked up, our eyes met, and she’s inside my arms like before. Then it is the next day, but she pretends like yesterday never happened. She pretends like we never happened.
The pillow smelled like you last night. After you were gone, I found the remnants of you on my pillow. The pillow I claim to be mine that is. I found you in it then laid down and drifted off still high. Today I thought about you. That scent. Your body. You. It’s all so intoxicating. It’s so new. I guess it’s new in many ways. I don’t know what we are doing. I like it though. It’s comforting to stop time. Stop with you and just exist. Experiencing together. That’s why it’s all so intoxicating. I was down and needed my high today. I tried to find you there again in my pillow. You were gone. The pillow smelled like you last night.
In the morning we will see confusion and confusion of smoke. Your hair is very strong. Now it's time to imagine, we will first come to a new, bad, desperate, complex and fruitful. They are happier and more concentrated than other hunters. We can become pale and fall in love. We can meet these new ideas and ideas on our ideas. But because it's very bad.
I do not want a bit. She also wants to avoid sleeping in this movement. And I'm tired of anxiety and the patient to move. I do not understand. Claro and monster send internal batteries. Ask the sun for yellow coat. Do not care about depth and depth. We go cloudy and we are trying to understand problems with each other. With these words in the cloud, when I became a strong wind, a warm compass. He smiled and never liked the beauty. She loves me on a blue background. Then in a day, but the requirements are not over. She did not say that.
I hate fate that my hands come so late. I'm tired of the promise, she decides her story about the truth. It is now the structure of the strength of force. Bad day as dog. They hate stress and feel uncomfortable. But this is different. I can say that we must first know what is said. My ears are sitting on the floor. There is no model on my foot with a special night. I saw the medicine in the front row. The next day, there was no call yesterday. Did not say that.
The pillow smiles like last night. After leaving, I leave the rest in my hair. I say I'm a cousin. I will take you there, then lie down and go upstairs. Today I think of you. Kissed your body. Yes. All that toxic is new. I want this new for a lot of money. I do not know what we are doing. I want it but it's great breathing. Stand up and stand. Try it. This is the reason for abuse. I come and I want to relax today. I try to get back into my hair. It's gone. The pillow laughs like last night. Ashes of low light in the ash and reinforced golden hair. We have a lot of energy and play better than any other value. We can fire the rock and love it. Dreams do something better than country discipline; however, the loss of time, the amount of evil.
She hates little speeches. She wants to sleep and avoid reality in a modern transition. She is tired of worrying about him and apathetically tells me she does not care. An inner fight that fights your demons with apparent exhaustion through your eyes. In due time it is yellow as a raincoat. She sees deep discussions and reveals existence. We go under the gray clouds and try to understand each other's problems. Her words surrounded me like a warm blanket as we prepared the breeze. She becomes tempting and smiling when it seems like a nightmare from yesterday that never happened. From the blue says she loves me. So it's the next day, but she likes it yesterday. She pretends we never pass.
And I hate myself! I've lost it, and the beautiful face is burned. They had no empty meeting. They wrote a relationship with a third, and I'm tired. He ran with her to the mason's wall. I hate gray clouds on bad days. I hate it for the reason that you are afraid of fatigue and discomfort. But it is today. I looked at her, and I succeeded, and she told me the same thing as the first. As long as the sacrament is heard, it is good to pursue my fingers, sit on the floor of my son or do the same nonsense. I saw my eyes fall on my knees. The next day do not miss it. Of course, they were never there.
And last night I left a cushion of love, I left the rest in my head. I was governor. I want to do it. And you should not lie in any way. Now I want to kiss all the new new harmful money body. I do not know what to do but will not. But the most important thing is the soul. Please go to court for my abuse. I want to be calm today. I usually have my hair, and in the end I smile on my cushion.