Things I Will Always Love About Christmas


The Christmas season used to be the holiday that I would get the most excited for. So excited that falling to sleep on Christmas Eve was nearly impossible. But as time went on and life changed, the season became less exciting. If I had to pinpoint when Christmas the start of this change, I would probably consider the year that I worked at the Walmart McDonald’s to be the year that my excitement started to decline.

Surrounded by cranky, demanding, and anything-but-cheerful people. Shopping, buying things, and spending money seems to be everyone’s concern. Seeing the holiday from this point of view changed how I view the holiday. But, despite all of that, I still love Christmas. Even though I can see it for its commercial obligations, I try to look for the best in this crazy holiday season. Here are the reasons why I will always love Christmas.

Spending time with loved ones

One thing that I will always love is all the reunions that Christmas time brings. I love spending Christmas Eve and the entirety Christmas Day with my immediate family. But now that I live with my boyfriend, this is transforming. But regardless, this season will be one I will always want to spend time with my family during. It doesn’t have to be on that exact day. I have done Christmas celebrations earlier than Christmas and later than Christmas. It’s not about the day but about being with the people you love. I am thankful that one these holidays I am able to see some of my extended family. I am thankful for everyone that I have time to see.
This time of year also means that my friends come home from university/college. I love being able to see my friends. I wish I was able to see more of my friends but it gets harder every year with all of our busy schedules and our limited time. But every second counts when I have a reunion with my friends.

Giving people Christmas presents

As previously mentioned, I recognized the materialistic part of Christmas. But I prefer to look at this in a different light. As much as I love receiving presents, I have always loved giving presents more. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when you give them a gift. I love watching them look at it and use it (if possible). I can’t wait until I’m not a student and I can buy my family larger budget gifts because they deserve it.

Family Christmas traditions

My family Christmas traditions will always be one of my favourite things. Our first tradition is having fondue on Christmas Day. Although the type of fondue has changed, as well as the time that we have it, the tradition remains in tact. We used to just do a chocolate and oil fondue pot recently we have expanded to adding a cheese fondue as well as a second oil pot to cook meats in.
A few years ago, we started a new tradition that I hope we can continue for as long as possible. When The Force Awakens came out in 2015, the first time that I saw it was with my family on Christmas Day in VIP. It was an amazing experience and has continued for the rest of the movies. It’s one of the things I’m most excited about for Christmas this year.

Last, but definitely not least: food… So much food

And, of course, an amazing thing about the Christmas holiday is all of the food we get to consume.  Yes, I know this goes back to the fondue. But it’s something that needs to be mentioned completely on its own. I love food and wish that I had a larger appetite because at Christmas I just want to eat everything. Having excuses to have large feasts with my friends and family is one I will not take for granted.