My 2018 New Year's Resolutions


I have avoided making New Year’s Resolutions in the past because I didn’t think that I could come up with any worthwhile goals. But this year is different. This year I feel like I want to achieve so many things. This year the goals I want to follow came to me so quickly and so easily that it would be wrong to ignore them. There are 5 goals I want to achieve by December 31, 2018.

1) Read a minimum of 30 books

There is an indescribable satisfaction I get from reading a lot of books. I keep myself accountable with GoodReads’ yearly book challenge. In 2016, I read 27 books (around 10,000 pages). So far this year, I have read 23 books (around 6,000 pages). For 2018, I want to increase my book count to 30. With this book count, I would like to read at least 10,000 pages like I did in 2016.

To achieve this goal, I need to read 2–3 books every month. I want to keep my smallest book at around 200 pages this year. In the past couple of years, my smallest books have been quite short. I want to avoid books smaller than 200 pages and would like to keep their page count above 300.
I am determined to find a few series that I can fall in love with and that I feel compelled to read. The book I am currently reading was immediately compelling. I discovered that this series has 7 books. If I continue to find large series, I will easily be able to increase my book count to achieve my goal.

2) Get my work published

Originally, my only publishing goal for next year was to get published somewhere. I started this goal early, not thinking that I would achieve part of it before the New Year actually began. But, to my surprise, the article that I submitted to The Mighty on December 22 was published by Christmas Eve.
In lieu of completing my goal early, I decided to modify this goal.
I have decided to challenge myself to get at least five articles published by The Mighty.  It is going to be scary as I start to write about my personal experiences rather than the experiences I have with my boyfriend. But I am thankful that I have found an amazing platform to share my experiences, challenges, and successes of my mental illness. In addition to contributing more to The Mighty, I have also challenged myself to get a piece of fiction published by the end of next year. Having always loved blogging and creative writing, I know that these are attainable publishing goals for me to achieve in the next year.

3) Get a full time publishing job

My time as a student is slowly coming to an end. By this summer, I will have completed a graduate program in publishing and will be moving into the working world. My main goal, after the completion of my program, is to find a full time job in my field. I’m still open to both the editorial and design aspects of publishing. The main thing I want to have is a salaried income with benefits for my boyfriend and myself.

4) Get organized and stay organized

The hardest part about being an adult is the cleaning and organization aspect of it. In the workplace and at school, I try to stay as organized as possible. At home, I struggle a bit more with this. Living alone, I wasn’t the best for making sure my house was always perfectly clean. After moving in with my boyfriend, the task of keeping organized has become a more difficult one. Now that we live in a significantly smaller place, the need for organization has only increased. Both of us struggle with this but together I know that we can figure it out. It just may take some time and extra effort.

5) Focus on my own happiness

Sometimes I feel like I’m too worried about everyone else that I stop worrying about myself and what makes me happy. So my goal for this year is to focus on making myself feel happy first. A lot of this goal is going to include the previous 4 goals. Working through the other goals will help with the success of focusing on my own happiness.