Reasons Why Growing Up With A Big Brother Is The Best


Growing up, I moved around a lot. Sometimes we moved within the same general area. So it was hard to maintain friendships. Especially before social media was a thing. Despite all of the different houses and schools, I always had my best friend by my side: my big brother. Through thick and thin he has been by my side for the past twenty-one years.

Sometimes older siblings have a hard time adjusting to have a sibling at first. But not my brother. My mom always tells us how my brother was so excited to have a younger sibling. He was so excited that she wasn’t able to leave me on the ground unsupervised because she was afraid he would accidentally smother me with his love.
I am so happy to only live 15 minutes away from my brother. And that he comes over to play video games with me and my boyfriend. And how close we've gotten over the past few years.Since my brother’s twenty-fourth birthday is on Monday (December 11), I want to share 5 reasons why growing up with a big brother is the best.

1) Double the toy selection
My brother and I both chose to follow our gendered toys because of our particular interest in each toy. We didn't want to own toys considered for the opposite sex. We weren't told to, it just happened. But the benefit of this was amazing. Because we liked to play together, it meant we had double the selection: from Barbies to playing hockey in the basement. Our differences in personal preferences made play-time all the more enjoyable simply because we had different toys than each other.

2) They won't steal your clothes
The most common thing that I hear about female siblings is that clothes from your closet tend to go missing. When you have a brother, your clothes won't go randomly missing. You always know where your clothes are at each time of the day. You don't have to worry about coming home only to notice that your sibling has been wearing your clothes all day.


3) Dressing them up is hilarious
Although they won't steal your clothes, it doesn't mean that you can't give them clothes. If your brother is anything like mine, you know that it doesn't take much convincing to put them into one of your dresses or to put makeup on them. And the result is much more satisfying (especially when you tell them that the lipstick you smeared all over their cheeks is permanent).

4) They can tell a guy's intention
Since they're a guy, they can easily figure out if the guy you are with is up to no good. Sure, at times, they may be a little prejudice because you're their little sister after all.

5) Guaranteed best friend for life
Growing up, my brother and I didn't always get along. We've had our share of fights and taken our turns saying hurtful things. But no matter what happens, you know that they will always be there for you. Your brother is your forever friend and is willing to be a personal bodyguard to you if necessary. They've seen you at your absolute best and your very worse. But they love you regardless. And you know, no matter what, you have your brother as your best friend.

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