My Favourite Waste Of Time


To waste is to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or with no purpose. If you’re doing something you love, is it really a waste of time?  Yes, you may use the time without care and without thinking about the consequences of spending an absurd amount of time doing your favourite thing. But who is to say that this expenditure of time lacks purpose?  No one has the right to deem something a “waste of time” except you.

There are a variety of things that I like to do to occupy time. I enjoy doing things such as reading and writing. Or going on adventures around Toronto with my boyfriend. Or eating. Watching movies or TV. Talking to friends and family on the phone or through text messages. I like spending time creating websites or exploring on social media. But my favourite thing to do? Well that’s actually quite simple.
When I was in my second year of university, I chose to live alone. Or rather the decision was made for me, as I couldn’t find anyone with my type of lifestyle to live with. I would spend my time doing all of the things that I mentioned before. But something was missing. As much as I liked doing these things to pass time, I didn’t love it. But I wanted to. The fact that I was alone left some of these most treasured activities to become dull and boring.
So on January 2, 2016 I decided to adopt a four-month-old orange tabby cat named Shane. My life began to revolve around caring for and spending time with my new cat. I would spend hours upon hours of playing with him, snuggling him, and walking around the house with him in my arms. He was my baby. Still is.

One thing that I love about Shane is about how much he loves his humans. He hates when we are gone all day at work or stay at a friend’s house overnight. Each time I come home, he eagerly greets me at the door. He circles my feet and follows me around the apartment crying until I pick him up.
My life changed completely once I adopted him. I desired to be at home more, if not as much as possible. I became a happier and less anxious person. And I know that it is all thanks to Shane. He’s the type of cat that can make anti-cat people actually appreciate cats for the gentle and caring creatures that they are.
 When I first met my boyfriend, he was definitely not enthusiastic about the fact that I had the cat. He didn’t understand that the love I receive from Shane is the purest. His love is unconditional and I’m extremely thankful for it. But as my boyfriend started to spend more and more time at my house. He got to know that Shane is the type of cat that will try to have a conversation with you and is always down for snuggles. He fell in love and without realizing it he became a cat lover too.
We would spend time before bed playing with Shane. Shane always brought his toys into the bed at night. He loves attacking his toy on a string. We loved spending time with him so much that we decided that we wanted another cat. In fact, we knew that Shane needed a brother.
For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend bought me a second cat. We chose a male black and white “tuxedo cat.” We can spend so much time cuddling, petting, and playing with our two little boys. Our favourite thing to do with them is to play with cat nip bubbles. We didn’t know it existed and it is definitely our favourite way to spend time with our cats.