Entering The Publishing World


When I started university I thought that I would like the writing aspect of the classes the most. And while I enjoyed writing a lot, I discovered that I was most passionate about listening to others' ideas and helping them develop their story into something that they never expected. That’s when I realized that I should pursue an editorial career.

After that, I did everything I could to start gaining publishing and editorial experience. I volunteered for a semester as a student reader for The Rusty Toque, where I assisted in the approval of the submissions for publication. Sadly, this was only offered for a single semester while I was at Western so I was unable to gain further experience that way.  Luckily, that summer, I decided to apply for a work-study position at Western while I attended summer school.

I was hoping to find a library or bookstore type job.  However, I stumbled upon an Editorial Assistant position for the Canadian Poetry Press.  I worked for Dr. David Bentley, who is a Professor at Western. My main job was to transcribe out of copyright poetry to be uploaded to the Canadian Poetry website, as well as edit my coworkers’ transcriptions.  During this time, I was recognized for my strong attention to detail.  Due to this, I was offered to work with an editor from McGill to format a poetry anthology that is to be published later this year.  I am proud of all the editorial experience that I have gained prior to being in the program.

Now that I am officially a student in the Publishing program at Centennial College, I am excited about all of the things that I am going to be learning this year.  I am looking forward to learning how to communicate information and assess work from designers, compositors, copyeditors, proofreaders, and printers.  I also know that learning how to make a production schedule, budget, and RFQ will be very beneficial regardless of the position I end up having. The things that I will learn in this class will be beneficial for any executive position. This will be beneficial for me because I am hoping to be the Creative Director for On the Danforth this year.

Upon entering the program, I thought an editor was the position I would end up in. From the first couple weeks of class, I am beginning to think I may want to consider positions as a designer or a project manager. I hope that classes such as content management will help me discover my passions. I am excited to see what I end up liking from this program.  I am grateful that this class will expand my skills on Excel because I currently only have basic skills and I am glad that I will get to improve them in this class.  I know that I will be learning and developing many skills that will be an asset to my future career.