Regret: Living In The Land Of "What Ifs"


To regret is to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something.  I try to live my life in a way that won’t leave me with regrets. I once read this book that talked about living in the “Land of What Ifs.” This is a place where you are so consumed with what you think you should have done or wish you had did. You spend so much time in this place that you miss out on all the opportunities that pass you by. I have never wanted to live in this world, so I have done everything possible to avoid feeling this way.

To me, I would rather regret the things that I did rather than the things I didn’t do. But at the end of the day this still isn’t a regret. I will never regret things that I do. Because I did them for a reason, even if the reason isn’t clear to anyone but myself.  If something doesn’t go the way that I planned but I still tried, I don’t regret that. I learn from it. All mistakes or things that you could regret can be an amazing learning experience.
I know there are some people who regret toxic friends or relationships. But I never do. I don’t want to wish I hadn’t spent a considerable amount time with someone. I don’t want to think of those months or years as wasted time. The people who have come and gone from my life have all taught me something valuable—even if the valuable lesson is to not be involved with someone like that. It shows me who I should have in my life and the type of people I should avoid.
I feel like you are less likely to learn from something you consider a regret because you are too busy wishing that things had gone a different way. But I think that it’s much better for you to think about the times where you wished things had gone differently and to use that experience for the future. I have no problem turning away from someone the second I question their value to me and my value to them.
I guess that’s why I do things that people would normally question. I will never regret something that I did. That’s why I do perceivably crazy things because I’d rather wish I hadn’t done something that I did and learn from that than wish I had and never know if it was a mistake or not.

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