Twenty-Four Hours: Experimental Poetry


Due to the amount of response from my previous experimental writing pieces, I thought I would share another one. I created this poem a couple of years ago from a twitter that called themselves Life Poems. I am unable to find the original account. I think that they either changed the name or deleted their twitter. I remember going through this account one day and realizing how relatable the things I was reading was to my current situation. I added different poems together to create a poem about unconditional love called "Twenty-Four Hours". I'd like to dedicate this poem to my boyfriend, Mason. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 

Twenty-Four Hours

I don’t chase people anymore.
I learned that I’m here and I’m important.
I’m not going to run after people
to prove that I matter.
Don’t fight for their attention.
If they care, you shouldn’t have to.

I need someone who needs me
because my problem is that
I always need someone but then
they end up leaving because
no one ever needs me.
I want someone to need me,
is that so bad?
I just want to feel wanted, that’s it.
The best kinds of people are
the ones that come into your life and
make you see the sun where you once saw clouds,
the people that believe in you so much
you start to believe in you too,
the people who love you simply for being you,
the once in a lifetime kind of people.
I only ever thought there were
two kinds of love:
the kind you would kill for and
the kind you would die for,
but you, my darling,
you were the kind of love
I would live for.
It’s weird, like when you’re in love,
all of a sudden you’re hearing
all these love songs for the first time,
and it feels like the singer is just talking
to you alone, reading your mind.
Sometimes, it feels like every song
on the radio was written just for you.
Sometimes, they are.
I wish I could find you,
I wish I could touch you,
wrap my arms around you and whisper,
“it’s all going to be okay,”
and strum my fingers gently
across your skin, like I was playing
the slowest love song in the world
and only you could hear it.

The conversation between
your fingers and someone else’s skin:
this is the most important discussion
you can ever have.
I will love you at 3AM
when you are falling apart,
I will be there to hold you and
never let go.
I will love you when
I wake up in the morning
with you beside me--
your hair in every direction,
I will love you when you
see no reason to love who you are,
I will love who you were,
who you are, and
who you will become
because you will never stop
looking like heaven to me.
That’s what people do
when they love you,
they put their arms around you and
love you when you’re not so loveable.

It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy.
It’s hard loving someone when they’re
crying on the bathroom floor at 2AM
because everything came crashing down.
One day you’ll wake up at 11AM on a Sunday
with the love of your life and
you’ll make some coffee and
pancakes and it’ll all be alright.
You make me laugh when
I’m not in the mood to smile
and when it started to get dark,
you pointed to the sky and
told me that there was a star for
everything you loved about me.
It’s not about having the perfect relationship,
it’s about finding someone who
matches you and will go through
everything without giving up.
It’s all about the first person
you want to tell good news to.
Home is not where you are from,
it is where you belong.
Some of us travel the world to find it.
Others find it in a person.

It’s been very rare to have known you,
very strange and wonderful,
normal isn’t really what I’m looking for.
Don’t ever think I fell for you or fell over you.
I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it.
I saw you and made up my mind. I want you.
Nothing else, just you. Everything has changed
and yet, I am more sure than I’ve ever been.
I always think of you before I fall asleep,
the words you said, the way you looked,
the way you hid your face when you laughed,
the way your face turned red when we held hands
and your palms were sweaty,
the way your eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when
I mentioned your favourite band.
You. You’re always on my mind.
It’s not what I feel for you, it’s what I don’t feel
about anyone but you