Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2


Procrastination Queen

Week 2 of Camp NaNoWriMo has come and gone faster than I realized! Unfortunately, I missed 4 days of writing due to adjusting to work life and the specific type of energy that it takes to do my job well. But I think that what I have learned this week at my internship will help me better manage my writing in my at home life.

This week I was the procrastination queen. The 4 days of writing that I missed impacted my ability to achieve my goals. I wish that I had tried to get some work done on those days but I was procrastinating coming up with names for my characters. In my story, the characters are called the Unnamed until they come to a day called the Naming. 

I challenged myself to write every day and to write 800 words on each day that I wrote. Even on one of the days that I did write, I only ended up writing about 150 words that day. My constant struggle to meet the desired word goals has made me realize that I should reconsider how I make my daily word goals. For next week, I'm going to challenge myself to write for a certain amount of time (even if it's just a short period) so that I can make some progress in my story. 

ast week, when I stopped writing mid-sentence by accident, the next day it was very simple to start writing again. That, combined with the Camp NaNo care package that I used for goals, encouraged me to always finish writing in the middle of the scene. So, if you finish a scene, you should always start the next scene (even if it's just slightly started). And, if you can, it's even better to also stop while you are mid-sentence. It helps you get started the next day, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off the last time. I am happy to say that I was successful at doing that each time I wrote this week. I'm going to continue using this method each time that I write. And that is the biggest success of the week! 

Camp NaNoWriMo Care Package (Week 2)

Helen Hoang is the next April Camp Counselor! She has provided this week's care packages. My personal favourite care package from this week is the "Get Lost in Your Story" advice:

"I'm too stressed to write. I'm afraid I'm going to fail."  Play your music louder. Get lost in it. Get lost in your words and your story. Fight the voices in your head, for just thirty minutes if that's all you can manager. Take a short break, and then do it again. And again. And again and again and again. Until you write THE END.

Set a timer for increasing amounts of time to write today. Start with 5 minutes, then take a break. Then set a timer to write for 10 minutes, and do the same. Increase the amount of time you write until you either hit your goal for the day or get to a place where you want to keep writing even when the timer goes off.

Week 2 Word Count

Starting Word Count: 2,996
Ending Word Count: 6,578

Quick Day Overview


Day 7: I surpassed my daily goal of writing 800 words. Today I was able to write 972 words before calling it quits for the night. It was fairly easy to write today, once I had started. Last night, I finished writing at the end of a section and it was fairly difficult to get started writing today. But tonight, I finished writing midway through a character's speech. I'm hoping that returning to the story from this point will be easy to pick up off. 

Day 8–11: I had a really hard time writing this week because of how long I've been procrastinating figuring out what to name my characters. And after the 7th, I finished at the place immediately before I need the character's name. And instead of spending time figuring it out, I avoided it by reading and job hunting. I know that this can't continue or I won't reach my daily goal.

Day 12: Since I procrastinated naming my characters, I spent a lot of my allotted writing time for the evening figuring out the names of the characters. I was able to write 143 words to my story but I'm happy with the planning progress that I made. Naming the characters got me inspired to figure out other parts of the story that I was having a hard time figuring out (like the main point of conflict). So I'm satisfied with the progress that I made today because I worked through parts that evoked my writer's block; I think that's the most important thing to accomplish! Today I stopped writing in the middle of the scene to see if I preferred stopping the middle of a sentence better.

Day 13: Determined to catch up (even a little bit) to my word count goal for this week, I did 3 half hour writing sprints today. These writing sprints allowed for me to write 2,467 words today:

  • The first writing sprint that I did was for half an hour and I wrote 624 words. At the end of the sprint, I stopped writing mid-sentence in the middle of a scene so that it is easy to pick up writing again when I do my second spring of the night.

  • For my second sprint, I was easily able to pick up from the spot I left off at. In fact, it was such a great place to stop that I was able to write 989 words. I left off in the same scene I started in and made sure to keep writing a little bit past the half hour mark so that I could start the next writing sprint with ease.

  • My third writing sprint was a little bit more difficult than the second one. In the third writing sprint, I was able to write 854 words in half an hour. I picked up from where I left off in the middle of a sentence and was able to write 558 words before finishing the scene I had been working in all day. That was about at the halfway point. Then, I knew that I needed to spend the next 15 minutes working away at the start of the next scene. I was only able to write 296 words of the next scene but I was still able to keep my goal of not stopping at the end of a scene, even though it's much easier to stop at the end then to keep going.

Week 3 Goals

  • Write daily, even if it's just for 15 minutes

  • Try to write 800—1,000 words if you can. If not, at least get something written

  • On days you don't feel like writing, do a couple short word sprints

  • Reach 12,500 words