Three Bookish Wishes


Since I started working for a book publisher, I’ve felt like my bookish wishes have only just started to come true. One of my favourite books from last year was a twisted retelling of Disney’s Aladdin, about what would happen if Aladdin never got the lamp. It got me thinking about things that I wish for.

I started to imagine that I found a magic lamp with a genie inside. And when the genie emerged, he stated that he could grant me any 3 bookish wishes that I wanted. Here are the things that I would wish for:

1) My own library/study in my home

If I could have anything, it would be to have a mini at-home library, ideally with a desk where I can write and comfortable chairs for me to lounge in while I read. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the library from Beauty and the Beast but I would love to have to have a rolling ladder to get the books on the top shelf!

2) Read as fast as Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

I love reading. Each year I want to read more books than the year before. But I also like reading larger books; books that are over 500 pages. If I could read as fast as Spencer Reid than I could read hundreds of books in a year and thousands of pages. It would be a dream could true and I could gain so much knowledge from non-fiction and also enjoyment from all the fiction I would read.

3) Have unlimited audio books

I would love to have unlimited audio books. I could listen to them everywhere I go! I would especially listen to them while I’m working and when I’m tanning on the beach while I’m on vacation. I think I would also enjoy listening to them while I go on walks. Honestly, there is endless scenarios where I can listen to an audio book which is why having unlimited ones would be amazing!

If you had 3 bookish wishes, what would they be?