7 Things I Love About Autumn


I used to think that summer was my favourite seasons because I love warm weather and swimming. But lately the Canadian summers have been so hot and humid that it’s hard to enjoy it anymore. I’ve come to realize that I love autumn and everything that comes with it. Out of all the seasons, I now find the weather in early autumn the most enjoyable. There are so many great things about autumn, but here are some of my favourite things about the fall season:

1) Fall clothes


My absolutely favourite thing about autumn is the weather-appropriate clothes. I love wearing jeans and sweaters, or big scarves and shawls. I absolutely in love with all things fall attire. If we could have early fall weather all year around, I would be unbelievably happy.

2) Adventure weather

I love going into nature and exploring. But the summer heat (and humidity, especially if you live in Ontario) is absolutely unbearable. I love the early fall because it’s the optimal time to go outside for a walk. I feel like autumn is the perfect time to be out and about. It’s the perfect time to go for a walk or go do outdoor activities like apple picking!

3) Blankets galore

In the fall is when I really start to use blankets more. I usually have a blanket anyway, but my desire to be cosy and be wrapped in a blanket definitely increases. There’s nothing that I love more than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket when I’m reading.

4) The trees and the leaves


Another thing I absolutely love about autumn is all the colours on the trees as the leaves change and begin to fall. I love how they look when they cover a forest floor and when they crunch beneath your feet. I find trees so fascinating in the fall, like it’s time for them to show their true beauty.

5) People stop asking me if I want my drinks to be iced


I’m the type of person who drinks hot drinks all year round. In fact, I usually ask for an extra hot espresso drink. There’s something about an iced latte or macchiato that I really don’t like. And I’ve noticed in the summer months, I’m always getting asked if my drink is hot or iced. But as soon as the weather starts to cool (around October) I stopped getting asked. I just want my hot drinks without having to tell people about it. Just give me my hot coffee, please! 

6) Pies


I tend to eat a lot of pies in the fall. And if you know me, you know that one of my favourite desserts is pie. Apples, pecan, keylime, you name it. If there’s pie, I’m eating it.

7) Cosy vibes


When you add all the amazing things together about fall, you get cosy vibes. I love the feeling of snuggling up on the couch in a blanket and with a warm drink. This year we actually have a gas fireplace so I’m really excited to spend my weekends snuggled up next to it reading!

Let me know your favourite things about fall in the comments below!