5 Reasons I’m Excited to be a Big Sister


Today (April 10) is National Siblings Day! For almost 23 years, I have been the baby of my entire family. I have an older brother, making me the youngest of my immediate family. In addition, I’m also the youngest of my generation in my extended family. I have 8 cousins and all of them are older than me. Last summer, one of my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Despite there being an actual baby around, it never compromised my status as the baby of my generation. Last fall, I got a call that would change all of it.

After trying for a child for a few years, I got an exciting call one day last fall from my dad: my stepmom was pregnant. At first, I was excited for her because I knew that she always wanted to be a mom. But as time went on and as my little sibling grew and grew in my stepmom’s belly, I was getting excited for myself. Here are a 5 reasons I’m excited to have a (much) younger sibling.

1) A new best friend for life

If you know anything about my family, you’ll know that my older brother is one of my best friends. I think a large part of that is attributed to the fact that neither of us were able to develop strong, long-term friendships because of how often we moved. So we formed that type of friendship with each other. We didn’t always get along growing up but that has always been overshadowed by the amazing bond we formed over the years. The relationship I form with my new sibling will be much different because we won’t live together and have a 2-decade age gap. But it’s still a new best friendship in the making.

2) Training in the baby-child department

I know this could end up giving me comments like “babies having babies” but I don’t care. I want to be a young mom (not young like I am now but I don’t want to have my first child in my 30s). One downside of being the baby of the family is that I have little to no baby experience. I haven’t even held a baby in the tender stages when their neck isn’t strong enough to support itself. I really don’t want practice changing diapers but it is good to get practice by helping my stepmom out (PS. Dad if you’re reading this don’t get any crazy ideas).

3) Snuggles and love

Who doesn’t love baby snuggles in love? I know I do. I’m really excited to be able to build a familiar relationship with a young child. One where they would feel comforted in my presence, even if their mom isn’t around. I’m really excited to be a familiar and comforting face and presence in this young one’s life.

4) Be a role model

I think I’m pretty awesome and have worked hard to get here. But I didn’t do it alone, I had amazing role models for me to follow. People who motivated me to do better than them and to learn from their mistakes. I’m excited to potentially have this role with my new sibling. It would be one of the best things that could happen to me.

5) Having someone new to share my love of reading with

I’m probably the most excited to have someone to share my love of reading with. I’ve already started a list of books I need to get from work to read to the baby. I’ve started thinking about my favourite books and stories, and I am so excited to be able to share them with someone new. I am going to spoil this kid with tons of books. I’m hoping by sharing my love of reading with them from a young age that I will help influence more people to read and love books.

Question of the Day

Are you on older sibling? If so, what’s your favourite thing about having a younger sibling?