I'm in Love with Readathons

I’ve been passionate about reading for my entire life. There have been stages where I can’t read as much because I struggle to read when my mental health is at a low point. But, without fail, I come back to reading with as much passion and dedication as I had before my reading habits changed. I’ve been reading a lot more lately, even more than I expected. At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to read 35 books. As of today, I have read 30/35 books for the year, putting me 17 books ahead of schedule. Even though I’ve been reading a lot this year, I am still compelled to read more and participate in readathons.

Today I participated in the #SavvyReadathon hosted by The Savvy Reader. It was an 8-hour at-home readathon with the goal of getting closer to our 50 Book Pledge goals. I started the day off rather ambitiously, hoping to read multiple books from the Chronicles of Narnia. But life is busy and things don’t go as planned.

I started late and then other things came up in the middle of the day so I didn’t have as much time as I was planning. Even though I wasn’t able to read multiple books, I was able to read The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis from start to finish today. For the next #SavvyReadathon, I’m definitely going to get a better sleep and have access to more caffeine.

Participating in this readathon inspired me to want to participate in more readathons! I’m sad that I missed the magical readathon and am definitely going to be paying attention to that one for next year.

In June, I’m going to be participating in the #BookRavensTBRTakedown hosted by @booktalkwithrae. This readathon is comprised of five 48-hour readathons, taking place each weekend in June. I will be posting my TBR before the first readathon starts. Here is the schedule:

Question of the Day

Do you participate in any readathons? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @briannafbenton!