June Wrap Up

Monthly reading wrap-up: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Order of the Phoenix, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Last Train to London, We Hunt the Flame, Invisible Emmie, Positively Izzy, and Just Jaime

Hi book lovers! Happy Canada Day!

June was an amazing month for reading and bookish news! I read 11 books in total, 3 of them were audiobooks and 1 was a manuscript of a new fantasy series that will be published this fall!

Books I Read in June

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#BookRavensTBRTakedown June Readathon

This month I participated in the #BookRavensTBRTakedown readathon. I think I had a really successful month of reading! I was able to start and finish the Emmie & Friends series during the weekend sprints. Unfortunately I didn’t finish Let That Sh*t Go during a weekend sprint, but I did finish it later that week. The point of the readathon was to make sure you were reading throughout the month with the sprints and challenges to encourage you to read more. I’m really happy with my progress and the amount of books I was able to read this month. I wasn’t able to finish my follower’s choice book in the weekend but will be finished it in the first week of July!

What My Followers Were Reading in June

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Bookish News


First Riders Street Team

In June, I had the honour of joining the First Riders Street Team for the Crown of Feathers trilogy by Nick Pau Preto. Not only was I chosen to be part of the street team, I was also chosen to be the Patrol Leader and was able to choose my second in command who is @booktalkwithrae. For those of you who don’t know, a book street team is a group of volunteers who work to promote the author’s book series. As a Patrol Leader, I will be on a Rider Council with the other Patrol Leaders and their second-in-command where we will be working with Nicki on street team ideas.

Book 3 Announcement

In June, Nicki Pau Preto announced that her series, Crown of Feathers (originally a duology), is now going to become a trilogy with the third book being published in 2021.


New Hunger Games Novel

Scholastic announced that there is an untitled novel from Suzanne Collins! They said that it will be a prequel novel set 64 years before the events of The Hunger Games is set to publish in May 2020!

Suzanne Collins said, “With this book, I wanted to explore the state of nature, who we are, and what we perceive is required for our survival. The reconstruction period ten years after the war, commonly referred to as the Dark Days—as the country of Panem struggles back to its feet—provides fertile ground for characters to grapple with these questions and thereby define their views of humanity.”

I’m so excited for this new novel. I’m hoping to request it on NetGalley so I can read and review it before publication. Either way, I’m definitely going to be pre-ordering this to add it to my shelf. I’m just sad that it’s probably not going to match my special editions. If we get a movie announcement, I’m going to completely fan girl.


Heart of Flames Cover Reveal

Not even a week after we announced the news about the series being extended, Nicki Pau Preto revealed the cover exclusively to the First Riders Street Team. The cover was revealed across Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and on blogs, including a cover reveal I did! For this news, I also did a Heart of Flames cover reveal, including a side by side comparison of the two covers!

Question of the Day

How many books did you read in June? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @briannafbenton!