5 Reasons Why You Should Read


Reading is one of my all-time favourite past-times. There was a period of time that I stopped reading as much and I really regret it. Books are one of my absolutely favourite things and there are so many amazing benefits to reading. Here are five reasons why you should read:

1) Reading books makes you a better writer.

By reading you can improve your vocabulary and grammar, making you a better writer in the process.

2) Reading books brings tranquility.

Nothing relaxes me more than curling up in a blanket and reading after a bad day. Bonus points if you read in the bath!

3) Reading books is a portable entertainment.

I never mind getting places early or long commutes because I always have a book on me.


4) Reading stimulates your mind.

It also stimulates your imagination, which for me improves my ability to be creative. The kind of stimulation my mind gets from reading also helps improve my mental health.

5) Reading books can improve your mental health.

I’m not a doctor. I don’t have any scientific proof or anything like that. All I know is that when I start reading more, I can feel my mental health improving. As I said before, there’s something about how reading stimulates my brain that makes me feel a lot better.

Question of the day

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